Thank You!

We are so grateful to call you family, friend or business associate! Thank you so much for attending our soft opening. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Our Story...

The Liznel’s goal is to provide women with a retail/creative space for small businesses. The store would feature products created by women and for women – from our own fashion brand along with others. In addition to the retail space, there would be a communal space for expression and collaboration. As a small business we understand the importance of having a safe space to grow your ideas, a community of people who support you and a place that gives you access to resources that will help your business grow. We are creating this space because there was a time that we as a brand needed this exact thing and we are hoping to fill that gap with not just us but with other like-minded women who are business owners.

Support Here

We truly appreciate all support given! There is nothing like words of encouragement, check-ins, resources or networking opportunities. Donation are accepted as well.